A research into generative tableware and ceramics fabrication. Adri Schokker and Wouter Reckman

And a second Cup

A second perlin cup. The difference with the first cup is that this one is completely generated from code and parameters. The first cup was designed using 3D modelling software (Cinema 4D). We use a game engine (Unity 3D) to process the realtime noise deformations. Wouter wrote a new script that also generates the model of the cup based on a set of parameters. On the photos you see both the first and the second cup after they were biscuit baked. We also glazed the cups, but this step didn’t work out well. The cup on the left cracked and the glaze of basically all the cups cracked as well. We suspect that the first baking session was not high enough in temperature. We baked up to 950 degrees celsius, but we think it should have been 1050 degrees.